Pastor LaVonne

I loved going to church meetings and tent revivals. As a child, I longed to be with the saints of God. God’s Presence was everywhere as we sang the songs of worship and listened to the preaching. There is nothing like experiencing signs, wonders, healings, and the miracles of God right before your eyes.

I received Jesus into my heart at eight years old and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of my heavenly language at eleven. Even at this young age, all I desired was to experience Jesus and to tell others about Him.

On some Sunday afternoons, I used to get my three sisters and one brother together, and we would go upstairs to the attic of our house and “have church.” I led the worship as well as the preaching. Each one was called on to sing or testify. After my preaching, I insisted they line up, be prayed for, and fall out in the Spirit. They would take turns catching each other. I smile, thinking about it today.

At the age of about twelve, our family was in a large tent revival where the gifts of God were moving, when I asked God to tell the preacher to come back and give me a message from Him. God did exactly that! We were sitting three-fourths of the way back, down the middle aisle of a tent filled with about 5,000 people. The preacher came walking down the aisle as if he were looking for someone. That someone happened to be me, a girl whose heart was after God.

My father sat on the end, Mom next to him, and then all five of us children. He pointed to me and said, “Young lady, come out here.” I stepped out with no hesitation, waiting to hear what God had to say. I do not remember all he said to me, but I can remember this: he said, “You are going across the waters to minister and sing for God!”

As I grew up, I never lost my desire to be where God wanted me to be, doing what He wanted me to do, and the words of the prophet did come to pass, just as I was told.

I did go across the water to preach the Gospel. Today God uses me like the men and women I used to watch, so I desire to be like them.

There is a time and a season for everything, even for your dreams to come true. Never give up on your dreams, and hold tightly to what you know God has said to you.

You are important to God. Your life counts, and He loves you!

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