Living the Kingdom Life

In the midst of the challenging and hazardous times that lie ahead, it is crucial for believers to live in the reality of the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ. We want to equip and empower believers to experience the supernatural in their daily lives.

We want individuals not only informed but activated, i.e., able to represent the Kingdom in power wherever they in a supernatural dimension as well as in the natural every day.

This involves:

  • The Kingdom Mindset: Cultivate a mindset aligned with the principles and values of the Kingdom of God, enabling you to think and act in accordance with His divine purposes.

  • Kingdom Invasion: Bring the Kingdom of God into every area of your life, influencing your relationships, work, and community with the transformative power of His love.

  • Kingdom Decrees: Discover the authority you have as a believer to speak forth God's decrees and declarations, shifting atmospheres and releasing His supernatural provision and blessings.

  • Field of Dreams: Explore the significance of dreams, visions, and supernatural encounters as God's means of communicating with His children, and learn how to interpret and apply them in your life.

  • Spiritual Gates, Doors, and Portals: Gain insight into the spiritual realm and understand the significance of gateways, access points, and divine openings, allowing you to navigate and engage with the supernatural effectively.

  • Become empowered and equipped to bring the gospel message of salvation and transformation to those around you.

The gospel of Jesus Christ must be preached not just with words but with demonstrations of its power. For this reason, the ability to minister divine healing is becoming so increasingly important in these challenging times.

We also present our "I Saw Heaven" course. This captivating course explores the reality of Heaven and Hell, addressing common questions and misconceptions about the afterlife. Through firsthand accounts of individuals who claim to have been taken to Heaven and even Hell, supported by biblical principles, participants gain a deeper understanding of eternity.

"I Saw Heaven" aims to:

  • Open understanding of the reality of Heaven and Hell, dispelling doubts and misconceptions.
  • Increase wonder, love, and praise for the God of Heaven and our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.
  • Strengthen and deepen faith, building a solid foundation for an eternal perspective.
  • Provide comfort and encouragement to believers as they anticipate their heavenly homecoming.

The powerful impact of this course has been evident, with participants expressing profound amazement and requesting its repetition to share the experience with others. We have also been invited by churches and pastors to present this course, recognizing its significant value in shaping a genuine understanding of the eternal realms.

Delve into the depths of the Kingdom Life and explore the realities of Heaven and Hell. You will be equipped, transformed, and prepared to live a life empowered by the supernatural while gaining a greater appreciation for the incredible love and faithfulness of our Creator.

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